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Interviewing in a Digital World

The world is rapidly changing, which means the interview process is too. DaVita SOURCE is here to help prepare you to interview with future employers in a digital world. Know the technology - Before the interview, it's essential to know the technology you'll be using. Once you have been [...]

Integrating Advanced Practitioners into your Practice

It’s no secret that the number of nephrologists nearing retirement is growing while the number of new physicians who are specializing in nephrology is shrinking. Combine that with the ever-increasing number of chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients in the United States and staffing the future of nephrology can sound [...]

Integrating Virtual Interviews into your Practice

With unprecedented circumstances, there comes change. Luckily with the digital age, it is easier than ever to connect with candidates virtually. DaVita SOURCE is here to give you, the employer, the information you need to successfully interview and hire candidates virtually. Get to know the platform – Once you [...]

Melodies and Maladies

On a recent full moon, I was having a little trouble sleeping and fell down an internet rabbit-hole; something I’m sure has happened to us all at some point since our laptops (or smart phones) are now literal human appendages. This particular rabbit hole led me to something more [...]

Understanding Non-Competes

This blog is dedicated to our favorite legal eagles, Bret and Jessica. It is also our sworn duty to tell our readers that we are not a substitute for legal advice and we always encourage you to seek counsel from a licensed healthcare attorney. A non-compete clause is included [...]

The Ugliest Job Search Mistakes

In the OLDEN days (TI-81s, VCRs, dot-matrix printers), a physician would apply to a job posting she found printed in a medical journal or in the classified section of a NEWSPAPER. Applying to these jobs meant stuffing large envelopes to snail mail or even hand deliver to the human [...]

Employment as a Nephrologist

As you navigate your career path and the choices ahead of you, you may be seeing opportunities in private practice, multi-specialty practices, hospitals…but what about opportunities in an employed setting? The Veterans Administration (VA), national multi-specialty groups like Kaiser and private practices with employed-only positions are all options to [...]

2018 Post Nephrology Fellowship Key Takeaways

The 2018 DaVita SOURCE fellowship data report is now available!! Each year we publish career choice data and demographics about graduating nephrology fellows and want to share some of what we learned with you. The information that we collect very closely mirrors other data points published in the industry, [...]

Revenue, Billing, Collections and Why You Should Pay Attention

You see a patient. You bill for your visit. You get paid for that visit. Nothing you didn’t already know, right? Well, as a physician, have you ever thought about how this all impacts the overall profitability of your practice? Have you thought about how this works to pay [...]

Understanding the Associate Years

When a practice hires you, they’re making a big financial investment in you. The biggest expense a practice has is related to physician compensation. This includes things like your salary, bonuses, licensing fees, malpractice, mileage, cell phone and benefits. These expenses take a big bite out of the practice’s [...]

Sponsoring Foreign National Physicians: Steps and Practice Considerations Part II

In our last blog our guest blogger from Ogletree Deakins went through some of the considerations practices have to go through when hiring a J-1 candidate. In this blog we discuss the same topic but for practices considering an H-1B candidate. For more information on Ogletree Deakin’s Immigration practice, [...]

Sponsoring Foreign National Physicians: Steps and Practice Considerations Part I

At DaVita SOURCE we’re really good at matching the right candidate to the right practice and providing career guidance to physicians in training. We have a high level understanding of the additional steps required by a practice when hiring a visa candidate but we’re not lawyers and we don’t [...]

Tips for J-1 Physicians Seeking J-1 Waiver Sponsorship

Dear reader: through these blogs we strive to provide relevant content based on our experiences. We also believe it is valuable to provide the opportunity for others in the industry to share their views. The below article outlines the steps and considerations required for J-1 visa candidates. We would [...]

Common Questions with Employment Contracts

It’s exciting when you finally receive an offer from a potential employer. At the same time there might be several questions running through your head. You’re not alone. We often get questions during our fellowship education events about what to expect when receiving a contractual offer, as well as [...]

What to do AFTER Your Interview

Phew. You made it through the tough part a.k.a. the on-site interview. Now you just kick your feet up and wait for them to call you with an incredible offer, right? Think again. There are a few things we recommend doing after an on-site interview, whether or not you [...]

What to Expect When Interviewing Out of State

If you’ve been invited to an in-person interview at a practice that isn’t local to where you are currently living, you may be wondering about what is proper etiquette for this trip. Typically, if an interviewing practice has invited you to meet with them on-site, they will pay for [...]

Living and Working in Your Ideal Community

You’ve spent a good portion of your life training in medicine and finally decided you want to specialize in nephrology. Great! But do you know WHERE you want to practice nephrology after you’ve completed your fellowship? In most cases, we find that fellows have an ideal location in mind [...]

What a Difference 30 Years Makes: a Blog by Dr. Robert Provenzano

Dr. Robert Provenzano is a well-known figure in the nephrology community. In addition to his 30+ years as a practicing nephrologist, he is also the Chief Medical Officer at Nephrology Practice Solutions and Vice President of Medical Affairs for DaVita Kidney Care. A special thank you to Dr. Provenzano [...]

2017 Post Nephrology Fellowship Key Takeaways

The DaVita SOURCE fellowship data report is ready!! Each year we publish career choice data and demographics about graduating nephrology fellows and want to share some of what we learned with you. The information that we collect very closely mirrors other data points published in the industry, but we [...]

Planning for the Future: a Blog by Tammy Elzy

We spend a lot of time giving advice on how to look for your first job after training, how to present yourself during an interview, what to look for in a contract, and more. But one thing we haven’t spent much time talking about is retirement plans. After all, [...]

Big City vs. Small Town. What is Right for You?

At DaVita Source we receive quite a few inquiries from fellows and practicing nephrologists who are looking for a first time job or a career change. Each inquirer usually has a specific location in mind and more often than not, it is in a large metropolitan area or within [...]

A Shrinking Nephrology Workforce and a Way to Combat it

It’s no secret that the number of nephrologists nearing retirement is growing while the number of new physicians who are choosing to specialize in nephrology is shrinking. Combine that with the ever-increasing number of CKD patients in the United States and it can sound like a scary story. There’s [...]

Physician Practice Goodwill vs. Other Intangible Assets

Dear reader: through these blogs we strive to provide fellows relevant content based on our experiences. We also believe it is valuable to provide the opportunity for others in the industry to share their views. The below article outlines another perspective related to how the outside world may value [...]

From One Generation to the Next: How Seasoned & New Physicians Can Work Together

Hundreds of articles, blogs, jokes, and rants have been written about generation gaps and the difficulties of different generations learning to work together. As a physician who will be viewed as new to the workforce, we believe it is important to enter into your job search with an understanding [...]

Nephrology Interviews: First Year in Private Practice – Part II

As you might recall from our last post, we sat down with Dr. Ethan Ko of DaVita Kidney Specialists of Fredericksburg, which is part of Nephrology Medical Associates of Georgia, to pick his brain on his transition from fellowship to becoming a practicing nephrologist. Last time we asked Dr. [...]

Nephrology Interviews: First Year in Private Practice – Part I

Transitioning from fellowship to being a practicing nephrologist is a big change. For most fellows, schooling and training is all you know. At DaVita SOURCE, we’re experts on things like cover letters and interviews but the reality is, we’re not doctors. So, we decided to ask a current nephrologist [...]

Do You Know What Patients are Saying About You Online?

Did you know that patients may be making a decision on their nephrologist based on online reviews? These reviews often take place on websites you didn’t even know you had a presence on and could potentially hurt your reputation and patient base if left unmanaged. From Healthgrades to Yelp, [...]

Change: The One Constant in Life. How to Manage Change for the Success of your Practice

It’s a common saying and while it may have lost some of its luster with how often it’s used, the one constant in life really is change. There may be no other industry that epitomizes this phrase more than the healthcare industry. Some of the changes in the medical [...]

Three Reasons Why You Should Attend a Fellowship Event with DaVita SOURCE

Congratulations! You’ve recently begun your second year of nephrology fellowship and for many, this is the time to really focus on the future. Responsibilities get a little lighter in your second year allowing you some time to actually think about what it is you'd like the rest of your [...]

Nephrology Interviews: How to Survive Fellowship

Whether it’s your first year of fellowship or your last, it can be overwhelming trying to navigate all of the training while balancing a personal life. We asked a few of your colleagues that recently finished fellowship in June 2017 what advice they would give to you to help [...]

2016 Post Nephrology Fellowship Key Takeaways

DaVita SOURCE devotes a portion of our year to researching, tracking and trending the career choices made by graduating nephrology fellows. It is important to us to be experts on the nephrology marketplace so that we can be a useful resource to all the fellows we work with. Sharing [...]

Thank YOU for Choosing to be a Nephrologist

The renal community is small and getting smaller. There are fewer medical students choosing nephrology as a career in what is also a relatively diminutive sub-specialty when compared to primary care, anesthesia or even cardiology. Each year since 2001, there have been approximately 40 fewer nephrologists added to the [...]

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Quite often success in private practice is measured by achieving partnership. You have likely heard stories about physicians who were not offered partnership and of colleagues that are suddenly looking to uproot their families after a few short years in a community. In some of those instances the physician [...]

Joint Ventures 101

A dialysis facility joint venture (JV) is a business relationship between a nephrologist/nephrology practice and a dialysis provider; each share ownership of the JV dialysis center. The goal is to align the interests of the nephrologists and the dialysis provider to promote a positive environment for the patients and [...]

Understanding the Roles and Responsibilities of a Medical Director

You have completed your training, signed a contract, become credentialed, licensed, and joined the workforce. Congratulations on making it this far! Beyond patient care, there are more things you can do to diversify your experience and utilize your abilities to their fullest potential. You may want to consider using [...]

Social Media and Your Job Search

Job hunting? CV ready? References on-call? Interview questions prepped? Social media looking sharp? Wait…what?!?! Never fear, SOURCE is here… We live in a time where social media is commonplace, and often the first step today’s employers will take when considering a new physician associate is to “google” them. If [...]

A Nephrology Practice IS a Business

Being a private practice physician isn’t just about practicing medicine. Your practice is your business and it needs to be built and nurtured for an optimal outcome. Whether you are starting your own practice, joining one, or are part of an established group, all require the same considerations to [...]

What You Need to Know About the Credentialing Process

Credentialing is more than just another form to fill out; it’s a complex process and is incredibly important in your ability to see patients and bill for your time at your new practice. Credentialing is not something that you complete once and don't have to worry about ever again. [...]

What You Need to Know About the Licensing Process

Being licensed in the state you plan to practice after fellowship is an important step that must be taken before you begin your new job. This step is something that you should be aware of and complete as early as possible. Employers (especially in states like CA and TX [...]

How to Prepare for a Conference

ASN is right around the corner. Are you ready? Conferences are an excellent opportunity to learn about emerging clinical trends, network with colleagues and even find your first nephrology job. As a second year fellow, it is important that you make the most of this gathering of professionals. This [...]

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Healthcare Attorney

How important is it for you to hire an attorney to review your employment contract? One word. EXTREMELY. Without having an experienced attorney who specializes in physician contracts and who is licensed in the state you plan to practice, you may end up signing away your life for what [...]

Negotiating Your Contract

We recommend you find an attorney to review any employment contracts; however, it is important that you negotiate your contract personally. The expense outlaid by both you and your prospective practice for an attorney’s time is a serious thing to consider. Of equal or greater importance is the need [...]

Compensation in Private Practice – What to Expect & FAQ’s

Compensation is much more than salary. If you find yourself focusing only on the initial salary offering, you may wonder why you added two more years of specialization when some internists are starting at the same level as nephrologists. As upsetting as that sounds, the good news is that [...]

Partnership: Asking the Right Questions

Nearly 33% of fellows will join a private practice following completion of their fellowship. For most, partnership is a much anticipated reward for those starting a career in private practice. Partnership can be equated to ownership and physicians often find emotional and economic value in being a business owner. [...]

Navigating the On-Site Interview

Hopefully, by the time you arrive at a face-to-face interview, you will already know a great deal about the practice from the phone interview and your own research. The interviewer should already know about your educational background, abilities, interests and needs. The main focus for meeting face-to-face is for both [...]

Your Guide to a Successful Phone Interview

Nearly all employers start their screening process with a telephone or teleconference interview. If you made it through to this step, congratulations! This means you presented yourself well initially on paper by creating a strong CV or did an excellent job of networking with the right people. A phone interview [...]

Starting Your Search: Where to Look

Assuming you have your CV ready, a cover letter written and your practice priorities determined, you're ready to start your job search. There are several resources available to help you advance your career.  DaVita SOURCE, of course, is our first recommendation. We are a team of experts helping nephrology [...]

What is the Best Career Option For You?

As a nephrologist there are various career paths that you can take after completing fellowship. Within each of these options are key factors that motivate individuals to choose one path or another. Some of those key factors might include your professional interests (i.e. research, direct patient care, teaching), as [...]

First Impressions Matter: Your Guide to an Effective CV

Your curriculum vitae (CV) is your first impression when applying for a nephrology position. The difference between a great CV and a mediocre CV can be the difference between an interview request and no response. It is the first representation of you and your qualifications at which prospective employers [...]

Needs vs. Wants Checklist

In a perfect world everything we want in life would align. Perfect job location with the perfect salary and the perfect call schedule. Realistically, it doesn’t happen that way. We have provided you with a sample checklist below to help you compare practices and determine which practice gets you [...]

Timeline for your Nephrology Career Search

Finding a nephrology job that best aligns with your needs takes time and careful planning. We recommend that fellows begin researching and preparing for their searches no later than 12 months before graduation. We have included a brief timeline below to help get you started. 12 Months prior to [...]

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