Cover Letter Tips

  • Your cover letter and resume create the first impression a practice will have of you. Formatting, font, spelling and layout are all incredibly important in making a strong first impression.

  • Remember the cover letter is your opportunity to showcase your personality. Make sure your cover letter is unique to you and your personal and professional interests and not simply a listing of your education.

Cover Letter Content

  • In the first sentence, state the intent of your application. Make sure each cover letter is specific to the practice in which you are applying.

  • Give a high level reminder of your experience and accomplishments. For example, if you were top in your class, include that.

  • Include any hobbies, languages or any unique qualities that would differentiate you from other potential candidates.

  • Include any personal or professional ties you have to the market. If your spouse has a job in a nearby city, you own a home or have close family or friends in the area that is a huge bonus!!

  • If you have any large gaps in employment that you feel need to be explained, the cover letter is the appropriate location. Be sure to keep this explanation brief.

  • In the closing paragraph of the cover letter make sure you reference your attached resume, reiterate your interest in the practice, and provide the best way to contact you. Make certain you also thank them for their time in reviewing your application.

Download Samples for Experienced APs

Cover Letter Sample 1
Cover Letter Sample 2

New Graduates

  • You may want to highlight a relevant patient care experience, clinical rotations, volunteer opportunities that engage patients, and any patient care relevant job positions (RN, CNA, EMT, PT, etc.)

  • Highlight special skills you may have acquired during your training or career that fit you to the job description.

  • Include instances where you’ve shown leadership, collaborated with groups, or teams

New Graduate Downloads

Cover Letter Sample 1
Cover Letter Sample 2