Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Quite often success in private practice is measured by achieving partnership. You have likely heard stories about physicians who were not offered partnership and of colleagues that are suddenly looking to uproot their families after a few short years in a community. In some of those instances the physician may have made an ill-advised decision to join a practice with a revolving door, and in others, they simply didn’t understand what was expected of a partnership track physician. DaVita SOURCE can help you ferret out the problem practices as well as show you how to position yourself favorably for a partnership offer.

The first step in all of this is to take ownership of your future. It is important that you understand how your performance will be measured, and what is expected of you by the partner level physicians in your group. Many young nephrologists make the mistake of waiting for the senior physicians to make the first move. We recommend you be proactive if partnership is important to you and to use the following timeline to stay on track.

Before you start the job:
• Identify key performance metrics
• Map out a marketing plan for yourself if one does not exist
• Identify lead physician/decision-maker

Month 1 – Review:
• Biweekly meetings with lead physician/decision-maker
• Formal review of duties, behaviors, and development plan
• Make any modifications to meet areas of improvement

Months 2 & 3 – Develop:
• Monthly meetings with lead physician/decision-maker
• Identify and engage in training and other assignments
• Offer solutions if you see opportunity for improvement

Months 4 through 18 – Monitor:
• Quarterly meetings with lead physician/decision-maker
• Measure ongoing performance
• Take corrective action on recommendations and feedback

6 Months Prior to Partnership Eligibility – Reward:
• Meet with lead physician/decision-maker
• Recognize and highlight your accomplishments and the value you add to the practice
• Discuss partnership in a meaningful way, including finances, governance, joint ventures, etc.

The DaVita SOURCE team is always available to further expand on how to manage your future or any other questions you may have. E-mail us at .

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