The DaVita SOURCE fellowship data report is ready!! Each year we publish career choice data and demographics about graduating nephrology fellows and want to share some of what we learned with you.

The information that we collect very closely mirrors other data points published in the industry, but we will continue to track based on our own fellow encounters so that we can stay on top of what is affecting the Nephrology marketplace. Here are just a few snippets for you to consider:

  • In 2017, we are seeing that the total number of fellows is still trending downward.

  • Of the fellows who graduated in 2017, 37% chose a position in a private practice setting, 22% took a hospital job, 12% accepted an academic position and 22% have gone on to complete additional training. Scroll down for some more detail on those figures.

  1. Private Practice includes fellows who joined a physician-owned private practice.
  2. Hospital is defined as employment at a hospital as either a hospital nephrologist or hospitalist, employment at any hospital-owned nephrology practice, or employment as a locum tenens.
  3. Continuing Education includes fellows who are completing another year of nephrology fellowship (e.g. transplant nephrology, interventional nephrology, etc.) or are completing a fellowship in another specialty, completing a residency, or graduated late and are considered “off-cycle”.
  4. Academic is defined as employment at any university owned or affiliated practice. This includes physicians that are researchers, educators and practicing clinical physicians.
  5. Other is a combined category that includes physicians who are employed in a multi-specialty private practice setting but are not practicing nephrology; physicians who have been confirmed as unemployed; and those physicians that we have not been able to verify their employment status and/or location (unknown).

(Do you have questions or want to talk about the data we collect? You can call us at 866-262-4004 to discuss what these numbers might mean for you.)

As a team, DaVita SOURCE meets with 600+ nephrologists, both practicing and in training each year. We host educational events for nephrology fellows regardless of their intended career choice and can also connect fellows with practices looking to hire new associates. If you are a fellow who is interested in learning more about potential career paths or if you are a practicing physician who needs recruiting assistance, please send us an email at to learn more about the services we offer and how we may be able to help.