DaVita SOURCE devotes a portion of our year to researching, tracking and trending the career choices made by graduating nephrology fellows. It is important to us to be experts on the nephrology marketplace so that we can be a useful resource to all the fellows we work with. Sharing this data with you can help you understand more about the career you chose and identify gaps in the job market to help you focus your efforts. Medicine is a dynamic science and every few decades there are shifts in how health care is delivered. The driving forces behind these shifts can be caused by many things including technological advancements, government regulation, political influences, generational mindset, and increasing professional student debt. We’ve all heard that the nephrology landscape, in particular, is changing and our data from the past several years confirms it. We’re seeing more and more fellows choosing employment through a hospital, or choosing to complete another year of training instead of going into private practice, which used to account for almost 50% of graduating fellow job placements. This year only 34% of graduating fellows chose to accept a position within a private practice, 26% accepted a job in a hospital, 11% pursued careers in academia, and 19% are competing additional training before joining the workforce.

As a team, DaVita SOURCE meets with hundreds of nephrologists, both practicing and in training each year. We host educational events for nephrology fellows regardless of their intended career choice and can also connect fellows with practices looking to hire new associates. If you are a fellow who is interested in learning more about potential career paths or if you are a practicing physician who needs recruiting services, please send us an email at physicianjobs@davita.com to learn more about the services we offer and how we may be able to help you.