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Tammy Elzy discusses preparing to hire a new nephrologist. Recruiting a new nephrologist can be a time consuming and expensive endeavor. Make sure you are prepared with a contract and plan before you begin recruiting to make the hiring process go as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Tammy Elzy covers how to conduct a successful interview with potential nephrology candidates. This covers tips and guidelines for phone interviews and in-person interviews. Ensuring your potential new nephrologist has a great experience during the interview process will help you be able to close the deal.

Tammy Elzy discusses how to close the deal with a nephrology candidate. The pool of nephrologists is small so making sure you can close the deal and hire the right candidate quickly is crucial.

Amy Barrow discusses successful onboarding for your new nephrologist. Providing your new physician with a supportive onboarding experience will improve their productivity and help them understand that your’s is a practice they want to be at long term. Items such as orientation and marketing will make a big difference in how your new nephrologist feels as they enter the workforce.

Amy Barrow covers some of the biggest trends in today’s nephrology workforce. She discusses and presents data on both the decrease in nephrologists and the changing demographics of those who are choosing nephrology as their career path.

Amy Barrow discusses three things you need to know about this new and diverse nephrology workforce. She gives tips on how you can best appeal to nephrologists you may be looking to hire.

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