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Melodies and Maladies

On a recent full moon, I was having a little trouble sleeping and fell down an internet rabbit-hole; something I’m sure has happened to us all at some point since our laptops (or smart phones) are now literal human appendages. This particular rabbit hole led me to something more [...]

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Sponsoring Foreign National Physicians: Steps and Practice Considerations Part II

In our last blog our guest blogger from Ogletree Deakins went through some of the considerations practices have to go through when hiring a J-1 candidate. In this blog we discuss the same topic but for practices considering an H-1B candidate. For more information on Ogletree Deakin’s Immigration practice, [...]

2019-12-01T13:05:50-07:00December 18th, 2018|Kidney Stories, For Employers|0 Comments

Nephrology Interviews: First Year in Private Practice – Part I

Transitioning from fellowship to being a practicing nephrologist is a big change. For most fellows, schooling and training is all you know. At DaVita SOURCE, we’re experts on things like cover letters and interviews but the reality is, we’re not doctors. So, we decided to ask a current nephrologist [...]

Nephrology Interviews: First Year in Private Practice – Part II

As you might recall from our last post, we sat down with Dr. Ethan Ko of DaVita Kidney Specialists of Fredericksburg, which is part of Nephrology Medical Associates of Georgia, to pick his brain on his transition from fellowship to becoming a practicing nephrologist. Last time we asked Dr. [...]

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