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Interviewing in a Digital World

The world is rapidly changing, which means the interview process is too. DaVita SOURCE is here to help prepare you to interview with future employers in a digital world. Know the technology - Before the interview, it's essential to know the technology you'll be using. Once you have been [...]

Melodies and Maladies

On a recent full moon, I was having a little trouble sleeping and fell down an internet rabbit-hole; something I’m sure has happened to us all at some point since our laptops (or smart phones) are now literal human appendages. This particular rabbit hole led me to something more [...]

2019-10-25T15:20:38-06:00December 5th, 2019|Kidney Stories|0 Comments

Employment as a Nephrologist

As you navigate your career path and the choices ahead of you, you may be seeing opportunities in private practice, multi-specialty practices, hospitals…but what about opportunities in an employed setting? The Veterans Administration (VA), national multi-specialty groups like Kaiser and private practices with employed-only positions are all options to [...]

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