Starting a nephrology career is a tough one and Amy with Davita SOURCE made it an easy process. Her great listening skills, large network, reliability, attention to the small details and the ability to decipher the best opportunities in the market tailored to me, was able to lead me to the perfect job that suits my ambitions and expectations.

Dr. Mark Nadar, Kidney Care Consultants, Memphis TN

Our last two physician hires came to us from Amy and DaVita SOURCE. She has been a reliable and trusted resource for our practice that always exceeds our expectations. The next time we need to expand our group, we will definitely be calling Amy.

Dr. Ira Strauss, Shore Nephrology

We have been working with DaVita Source (specifically Tammy Elzy) for many years and have recruited one of our current shareholders in our practice as well as 2 incoming transplant trained nephrologists this coming year directly through DaVita Source. Tammy also assisted us indirectly in working to hire a nephrologist who will become a shareholder this summer, although we did not initially contact this physician through DaVita Source. It has been a real pleasure to work with DaVita Source and Tammy for several reasons:

  1. They are excellent at identifying the physicians who are truly interested in our practice. It has been helpful to be able to focus our efforts on the physicians who are most likely to join us. It has also been helpful to identify candidates with whom there may be issues in general and specifically to our practice.
  2. Tammy has been very helpful in our negotiation of fair contracts with the incoming physicians. She understands well what the current generation of nephrologists are seeking in a contract negotiation and has given us good advice in this regard.
  3. She is exceptionally good at identifying the factors that are likely to lead to success in retaining hired physicians. This is helping us to work to structure our practice to give us the highest long term growth protentional.
  4. Her availability to discuss candidates has been good. She has always been willing to take the time and make the effort to work with us in our hiring process.

We plan on continuing to work with DaVita Source as our primary recruitment tool in the future as we continue to grow our practice.

Mark Belz, M.D., Iowa Kidney Physicians

We are a rapidly growing practice in Dallas and suburbs and have worked with Davita Source and Tammy’s team now for several years. In general, these are tough times for candidate recruitment with supply and retention issues. Tammy has been absolutely stellar. She has taken the time to understand the specific nuances of our market; our practice and it’s strategy; the opportunities presented to us and the challenges before us. This has allowed her to introduce us to outstanding candidates who will fit the mold and grow and feel they have made the right choice. Certainly beyond the regular scope, she has been able to share the experiences of other similar practices around the country that has allowed us to make our practice more efficient, effective and robust. She answers her phone literally anytime. She is never rushed and is always comforting in her demeanor and personality. Her alacrity, forthrightness, invaluable advice and service is second to none and is worth every dollar.

Sumit Kumar, MD, MPH, FASN, FACP, Texas Kidney Institute

In order to pass judgement on Tammy Elzy and Source, I would first like to introduce myself as a former CEO of several healthcare organizations, including several hospitals and a dialysis corporation. I have (with help of staff) recruited well over 300 physicians to my organizations in my career. I am still involved in healthcare as Chairman of a large nephrology group. In this group we have Tammy helping us recruit physicians and doing it successfully.

I have worked with several physician recruiting agencies in my career. Tammy Elzy has been by far the most knowledgeable and best recruiter with whom I have worked. She has the ability to discern the likely hood of any doctor going into a practice by virtue of determining the decision maker in the family, the key decision factors, and determining what organization would be the best fit for the candidate.

Tammy is true to her core values of integrity and accountability, and is a very hard worker. Her core values and work ethic spill over to her staff.

I am pleased to be asked by her for this recommendation which is without any reservations or qualifications.

Peter Donald, Board Chairman, Nephrology Associates Medical Group, Riverside CA