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is to provide the best nephrology career development, career assistance
and job placement for our clients.

We’re a purposefully small, highly driven nephrology recruitment and career development company that takes pride in our work. Each teammate contributes something unique.

Slide Our last two physician hires came to us from Amy
and DaVita SOURCE. She has been a reliable and
trusted resource for our practice that always exceeds
our expectations. The next time we need to expand
our group, we will definitely be calling Amy.
Dr. Ira Strauss Shore Nephrology
Slide We have been working with DaVita Source
(specifically Tammy Elzy) for many years and have
recruited one of our current shareholders in our
practice as well as 2 incoming transplant trained
nephrologists this coming year directly through
DaVita Source.
Mark Belz, M.D. Iowa Kidney Physicians
Slide Tammy has been absolutely stellar. She has taken
the time to understand the specific nuances of our
market; our practice and it's strategy; the oppor-
tunities presented to us and the challenges before
us. This has allowed her to introduce us to out-
standing candidates who will fit the mold and grow
and feel they have made the right choice.
Sumit Kumar, MD, MPH, FASN, FACP Texas Kidney Institute
Slide I have worked with several physician recruiting
agencies in my career. Tammy Elzy has been by far
the most knowledgeable and best recruiter with
whom I have worked. She has the ability to discern
the likely hood of any doctor going into a prac-
tice by virtue of determining the decision maker in
the family, the key decision factors, and determining
what organization would be the best fit for the
Peter Donald, Board Chairman Nephrology Associates Medical
Group, Riverside CA
Slide Starting a nephrology career is a tough one and Amy
with Davita SOURCE made it an easy process. Her
great listening skills, large network, reliability, atten-
tion to the small details and the ability to decipher
the best opportunities in the market tailored to me,
was able to lead me to the perfect job that suits my
ambitions and expectations.
Dr. Mark Nadar Kidney Care Consultants,
Memphis TN
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