A Nephrology Practice IS a Business

A Nephrology Practice IS a Business

Being a private practice physician isn’t just about practicing medicine. Your practice is your business and it needs to be built and nurtured for an optimal outcome. Whether you are starting your own practice, joining one, or are part of an established group, all require the same considerations to ensure it operates smoothly and profitably.

Do you have the right amount of space? Paying too much for your lease or not positioning yourself for future growth can be costly. Are your billing and collections at or above national benchmarks? Do you know what the national benchmarks are? Have you considered the right staffing, EHR systems, or credentialing support? What structure is in place to help with proper coding and timely credentialing? Each and every one of these items affect your bottom-line and your ability to see patients successfully.

There is so much to think about when all you wanted to do was take care of patients. The good news is that there are resources out there and we encourage you to take advantage of them to educate yourself. Renal Physicians Association (RPA) offers resources with valuable insight into nephrology practice management on their website. Their book, The Renal Physician’s Guide to Nephrology Practice, is an excellent read whether you want to start your own practice or just understand how a private practice works.

Additionally, our partners at Nephrology Practice Solutions (NPS) are experts in the business of nephrology. They have produced short video trainings that you can access for helpful tips. Click here to view the full NPS library or click on one of the featured videos below. As always you can also call us at DaVita SOURCE. We can answer many of these questions for you too.

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