What to Expect When Interviewing Out of State

What to Expect When Interviewing Out of State

If you’ve been invited to an in-person interview at a practice that isn’t local to where you are currently living, you may be wondering about what is proper etiquette for this trip.

Typically, if an interviewing practice has invited you to meet with them on-site, they will pay for your travel and accommodations but you should always confirm this before you begin booking any first-class tickets (just kidding – even if the practice is paying, do not request to fly first class). It’s totally acceptable to reach out to your main contact at the practice to ask how they would like travel arrangements handled.

Once you’ve confirmed that the practice is financially responsible for your trip, there are a few items to keep in mind:

  1. Be considerate in your spending! If the roles were reversed and you were paying for someone to come visit you, what would you be willing to spend?

    • Try to find a reasonably priced flight or consider driving if it is less than a 5 hour drive. Driving also gives you the opportunity to see more of the community you may be soon calling home.

    • The practice will likely take you for a nice meal while you’re visiting so try to dine a bit more conservatively for the remainder of your trip.

  2. Your spouse is often welcomed and encouraged to join you. This gives them an opportunity to see the community and research any job prospects they may have locally.

  3. While your spouse is welcome to join, children should be left at home. This is a big decision you are thinking about making and bringing children can make it harder to focus and contemplate what is important to your family. We understand that bringing a spouse and leaving your children isn’t always an option. If this is the case, you’ll have to decide if you can make the decision independently. In some cases, you can present your situation to the practice and they may assist you in the cost of bringing your children. However, this isn’t common practice so try to avoid this situation if you can.

  4. Show your gratitude whether you accept the position or not! This is a large expenditure of time and money that the practice is taking on your behalf. Show them that you acknowledge and appreciate their time and financial investment in you. Most especially thank the person who made your travel arrangements as they often will be asked how their interactions with you prior to the interview went as part of the total interview process.

If you have any further questions about how to handle an out of state interview, feel free to email us at fellowshipoutreach@davita.com.

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